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The Mama Bear Dares podcast explores the intersection of the Mother Self and the Other Self and, in doing so, encourages listeners to discover their inner Mama Bear and unlock her power in the pursuit of a life of love and compassion.
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Jan 30, 2017

On Episode 96 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie sit down with Devon Schaaf to talk about mission, motherhood, and the indescribable grace that Devon has shown the world after losing an infant and a nearly full-term baby. The honesty, optimism, and quiet fortitude that Devon reveals during this interview will inspire listeners to reflect on their own lives as well as the incredible resiliency of humanity. Tesi and Leslie loved getting to know this remarkable Mama Bear who turned her grief into a salve for others and know that listeners will too! For full Show Notes, visit our website!

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Jan 25, 2017

One of the largest marches in our country's history happened over the weekend and co-hosts Tesi and Leslie spend Episode 95 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast discussing its meaning for the Mama Bear community. The women spend this mini episode talking about who participated, why they participated, the positives, the backlash, and, perhaps most significantly, what a Mama Bear can do now that the march is over and the real work begins. The hosts hope that listeners of all political orientations will take the time to listen to the voices around them and to carve out space and time to think about their relationship to America and the ways in which they might take action (even if it's nerve-wracking or falls out of a typical comfort zone) to make the world a more loving and compassionate place. For complete Show Notes, visit the Mama Bear Dares website!

Jan 23, 2017

Have you ever wanted to reach out to a parenting coach or take a class on how to be a better parent but just not been able to find the time or make the commitment? On Episode 94 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie spend an hour with parenting coach Randi Rubenstein and learn all kinds of new parenting tips and tricks. Throughout the interview, Randi offers buckets of advice on how to improve your parenting game. As an author and coach, Randi helps parents stay calm and think clearly during triggered moments with their kids and to change unhealthy patterns, including ones that were passed down through generations of their family. It’s an enlightening interview that will leave listeners with new, practical parenting tools...and a taste for more advice from Randi! For complete Show Notes, visit the Mama Bear website!

Jan 18, 2017

On this Mama Bear Mini episode, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie talk about minimalism and how to intentionally live with less stuff ... even with a big family or kids in tow. Prompted by the new year, Tesi's impending move, and the viewing of Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, Tesi and Leslie talk about their own consumer habits, both the good and the bad. Together, they brainstorm ideas on how to live a lifestyle free of over-consumption, how to teach children to value human beings, relationships, and interactions over the quest for more stuff, and how to embrace this counter-cultural way of life when it constantly requires swimming upstream. The new year is the perfect time to evaluate your relationship to your things, and to possibly purge, or at least pick up a few new habits. The co-hosts admit that they are nowhere close to figuring out the right balance, but are ready to learn. They conclude the episode with a segment called The Struggle Bus, admitting all the ways that they value, yet fail at, this important idea, and ask listeners to chime in on how they board the struggle bus with their own consumer habits, triumphs, and failures. For complete Show Notes, visit the Mama Bear Dares website.

Jan 16, 2017

On Episode 92 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Leslie and Tesi sit down with Tatiana Amico, a health coach who works to empower women to take control of their health and life. Tatiana is generous with advice and offers listeners great tips and tricks, drawing from her own experience and expertise. Tatiana reveals her past as a yo-yo dieter and negative thinker who struggled with work, her relationship to food, and anxiety and depression. Once her son was born, Tatiana’s Mama Bear came out in full force and she set out to change her lifestyle and do the work she felt most called to do. The three women discuss the ways that Tatiana began taking control of her life, learning the practical tools that she employed to leave diets behind and stop making excuses, building a successful business, and embracing a life she wants to live. Tatiana, Tesi, and Leslie spend their time focusing on the how-to behind Tatiana’s mission and the ways in which we can all stop complaining, start taking action, and love ourselves completely. For complete Show Notes, visit the Mama Bear Dares website!

Jan 11, 2017

On this Mama Bear Mini episode, co-hosts Tesi and Leslie talk about the reason behind your new year's goals and resolution. As a personal trainer and fitness professional, Tesi has observed countless New Year weight and fitness goals and has turned what she's witnessed into a few practical steps that she has found must be in place in order for success to be had. The women talk about the basics like working out and eating, but they also dive into meditation and therapy, the need to fail before rising strong, the power of positive self talk, and the importance of finding a community of people invested in health. Finally, Leslie gets vulnerable and tells the story of her current health journey and how she is currently wading through a health reality that has shocked and scared her. The women process all of this and then leave listeners with a resolution: You are in control of your health and destiny. Pay attention to your body and nurture it well. Why? Because at their core, Tesi and Leslie believe that every single one of their listeners is worth great health, a strong mind, and a live lived to its fullest. For full Show Notes, visit

Jan 9, 2017

Natalie Hanson is a mom of five, a blogger, a woman passionate about ensuring all of Tulsa, Oklahoma is fed and taken care of, and a young woman from Georgia who married Taylor Hanson. (Yes, that’s one of THE Hanson brothers). One of Tesi and Leslie’s all-time favorite guests, Julie Lyles Carr, recommended “one of her favorite people in the history of all time” and after listening to the conversation that takes place with Natalie, you’ll be able to see why. Natalie, Tesi, and Leslie dive into marrying and mothering young, involving kids in community service, teaching sons and daughters to “show up,” and taking note of what’s going on in your own backyard. As always, Leslie and Tesi highlight the incredible work their guests are doing and hope listeners take away nuggets of love in action, as all of us journey toward understanding and living our best lives! (This episode also includes The Obsess Sesh!) For complete Show Notes, visit

Jan 4, 2017

On Episode 89 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, Tesi and Leslie get practical. As a family unit in a complex world, they know that listeners are just like them...they’re continually evolving and redefining who they are and where their values lie. How do we identify those values and live them out on the daily? How do we express our values as a family? One way is through the creation of a “family brand.” Tesi and Leslie follow cues from Bruce Feiler’s The Secrets of Happy Families and dive into how to make a family brand. Similar to a mission statement, a family brand is a motivator when obstacles mount and articulates success in times of celebration; can help parents make decisions in moments both big and small; and is easily repeatable and ultimately can unite your household and serve as a reminder of what you hold dear. The Mama Bears love the promise that the new year brings and today’s episode will follow the theme of new beginnings and narrow in on how our intentions of lovingkindness might play out as a family unit. Be sure to listen in as Tesi and Leslie reveal their own family brands and help you create your own! For complete Show Notes, visit the Mama Bear Dares website.

Jan 2, 2017

Like many of us, mom, friend, PhD candidate, and activist Tabitha Mpamira-Kaguri has become consumed with by the brokenness of the world. Unlike some, she’s experienced it firsthand, and, heroically, is working for redemption—not just for herself but for victims of sexual assault living in America AND those a world away in sub-Saharan Africa. On Episode 88 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi, Leslie, and Tabitha talk about what it looks like to turn heartache and rage into action and healing. They deep dive into the treatment of women worldwide, the dominance of the pervading rape culture, and the ways in which we can turn the tide toward dignity and equality. The conversation is far-reaching, and will ultimately inspire listens to be open to the pain of the world and engage their Mama Bear to work for justice in ways big and small. For complete Show Notes, visit