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The Mama Bear Dares podcast explores the intersection of the Mother Self and the Other Self and, in doing so, encourages listeners to discover their inner Mama Bear and unlock her power in the pursuit of a life of love and compassion.
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Oct 31, 2016
On Episode 72 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie talk to Amanda Simkin, the woman behind the popular Chicago blog, Queen of the Land of Twigs and Berries. Amanda is a thirty-something coffee and wine drinker raising two boys with a simple goal of exploring and enjoying her hometown through the eyes of her children and helping the new mamas who look to her for parenting advice and adventure. Together, the women talk about what makes place an important element of who we are as people, about the importance of re-discovering and nurturing our true selves, and why Amanda believes that an engaged Mama Bear lives local. It's a delightful conversation that reflects life in the city ... it's boisterous and exciting, but holds deep pockets of wisdom, connection, and love. For full Show Notes, please visit
Oct 26, 2016
It's been getting a little hot in here. Tesi and Leslie have recorded a string of Mama Bear Minis focusing on the hard work of marriage, on the rampant rape culture prevalent here in the U.S.A., and how racism plays out in our homes and our responsibility as Mama Bears to do our best to squash it. Because of the serious nature of these episodes, the hosts decided they needed a little break from the intensity and talk about lighter fare on Episode 71, specifically, books, television, and food. Listen in as they do their best to embrace a little levity. For entire Show Notes, visit
Oct 24, 2016

On Episode 70 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, Tesi and Leslie talk to OB-GYN and health coach Nicole Rankins about pregnancy, birth, and the long road of taking good care of ourselves throughout the many stages of life. The women dive into the state of healthcare in the United States of America and grasp a practical understanding of the nuances through Nicole's experience and examples. The three spend the hour discussing they why and how of healthcare and learn from Dr. Rankins as she advocates for women becoming the expert on their own lives. For complete Show Notes, visit

Oct 19, 2016
It's one thing to stand at the altar dressed in your very best and tie the knot with your beloved in front of family and friends. It's another to live with your betrothed day in and day out for the next 14...25...50 years. On Episode 69 of the Mama Bear Dares podcasts, the hosts speak honestly about what marriage requires of two individuals hoping to make a life together. They sort through gender differences, how a union can become complicated by changes (jobs and kids, to name a few), and the enormous and unavoidable impact that the American culture has on the way we marry and (do our best to) stay married. It's a complex partnership that can be beautiful, but that is not always all that sexy. Co-hosts Leslie and Tesi tackle these ideas and then jump into a special marriage edition of a fan-favorite: Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About But Don't. Check out the Mama Bear Dares website for complete Show Notes!
Oct 17, 2016
On Episode 68 of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, Tesi and Leslie talk to Eirene Heidelberger, the CEO and founder of GITMom, a full-service parent coaching and advice company that endeavors to empower moms by offering effective parenting techniques and help with common parenting battles. Though Eirene has been frequently featured in the national news media, on today's podcast the women get intimate while sitting down in Eirene's home as she opens up to discuss her childhood, her struggles with new motherhood, her frustrations and her hopes, and the way she found her way to becoming the thriving woman, mother, and business owner that she is today. Here's a secret: very few of us arrive at motherhood with complete understanding and a full knowledge of what it will be like. Sometimes we simply need a hand to hold or a tribe to join in order to catch glimpses of light. Eirene, Tesi, and Leslie hold a discussion that will contribute to that sunshine...offering hope, understanding, and a few practical tips on life in the trenches. Complet Show Notes can be found HERE.
Oct 13, 2016
On today's special episode, Tesi and Leslie explore a topic that they touched in Episode 30 but believe warrants further discussion because of recent news events. On this episode, the co-hosts discuss rape culture—what it means, how it’s perpetuated, who's at fault, how it plays out in our lives, and the repercussions for us as women and moms. Ultimately, the two hope that by engaging in the conversation in the safe space of the Mama Bear Dares Podcast, they will encourage listeners to engage their Mama Bear and help move the dial forward toward a safer world. Main points include the following. Head to the Mama Bear Dares Podcast website for complete Show Notes. A definition of rape cultureA discussion of what rape culture has been and how it continues to be perpetuatedThe repercussions — on all of us — for living in this cultureHow moms of boys can help squash rape cultureHow moms of girls can help squash rape culture
Oct 12, 2016
On this Mama Bear Mini, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi announce the winner of the bundle of Leslie's new release, Mama Bear's Manifesto: A Moms' Group Guide to Changing the World. After celebrating this listener and her thoughtful comment, the women discuss Leslie's publishing journey in depth, pulling out five steps that might make listeners a bit closer to publishing their book, pursuing their passion, or following their dream. The hosts encourage listeners who have ideas for books, blogs, or businesses, but have yet to put pen to paper. Always encouragers, Tesi and Leslie hope listeners will learn from Leslie's journey and embrace their own exciting pursuit! For complete details and Show Notes, visit our website!
Oct 10, 2016
On Episode 65 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, hosts Tesi and Leslie introduce listeners to Kendra Thompson. Kendra is mother of two, a pastor, and a writer, and together the three woman focus the conversation on words like myth, habit, routine, ritual, vows, and discipline. Throughout the conversation the women play with these ideas as they try to understand how each of these rather grand-sounding terms fit into our lives. Tesi, Leslie, and Kendra enter this conversation from all sorts of angles: from a mothering standpoint, a spiritual standpoint, and from a partnership standpoint — focusing in on marriage in particular. For complete Show Notes, visit
Oct 5, 2016
Coffee and wine, wine and coffee. It's a thing! In Episode 64, co-hosts Leslie and Tesi try to get to the bottom of why these two seem so important to the moms. The women discuss how sometimes we do things out of habit, sometimes we do things out of necessity, and sometimes we do things are done out of sheer joy. We dare listeners to dig deep and ask yourself what motivates you to consume the things that you do. On either side of the conversation of coffee and wine, they answer a listener-submitted question and then they reveal their current favorites in the ever-popular Obsess Sesh. For complete Show Notes, visit
Oct 3, 2016
On Episode 63 of the Mama Bear Dares podcast, Leslie and Tesi spend the hour with Julie Lyles Carr, an incredible and inspiring woman who is a writer, photographer, pastor, and the founder/director of a non-profit called Legacy of Hope. Julie drops by the podcast to tell the hosts about her new book, Raising An Original, but the three women end up covering not just the topics inherent to writing and the content of what she's created, but the importance of staying curious, taking care of the Other Self (for Julie, running, reading, bathing, and quiet time does the trick!), and best practices in parenting original kids as the original women and men we were created to be. The conversation stretches in all sorts of ways and Leslie and Tesi spend their time soaking up the wisdom of this delightful woman. Julie is thoughtful and intelligent, loving and charming. If you are for growth, action, and intentional and nuanced parenting, you'll adore today's conversation. For complete Show Notes, visit the Mama Bear Dares website.