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The Mama Bear Dares podcast explores the intersection of the Mother Self and the Other Self and, in doing so, encourages listeners to discover their inner Mama Bear and unlock her power in the pursuit of a life of love and compassion.
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Apr 27, 2016
On this Mama Bear Mini, our mid-week episode, we discuss being an advocate for your health and listening to your body in our segment "Let's talk about health, baby." Tesi shares a recent health development and encourages listeners to value themselves enough to nurture their body when it breaks. We also tackle a new recipe on "When you know better, You do better" and conclude with a fan favorite, "Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About, But Don't." Today we dare listeners to take their health into their own hands. Give yourself that breast exam; learn to listen to every ache and pain. Tesi and Leslie don’t want to encourage you to fight death or aging tooth and nail, but they DO want to encourage you to embrace the one body you get in this lifetime and to take care of it the way your Mama Bear takes care of the children, pets, and favorite people in your life. Let's talk about health, baby: Tesi tells listeners about a recent health event in her life. Episode 12 (On Obsessions, Allergies, and Being Brave) is referenced. Find it HERE. When you know better, you do better: We encourage you to shake things up in the kitchen and embrace Meatless Monday...on any day of the week! You can find the fantastic Mac-n-Cheese recipe (it's vegan and plant-based!) we discuss in the show HERE. Documentaries we discuss: Cowspiracy Forks Over Knives
Apr 25, 2016

On this episode of Mama Bear Dares, Leslie and Tesi talk to Sara Olson-Smith about faith, community, what it’s like being a woman with influence, and social activism. Sara, mom to two young children and pastor of a large church, tells us what it feels like to be called to be a truth-teller and how her faith plays a huge role in her life. Together, we dig into how to respond to a broken world and how to find hope at the end of each day. Listeners will love hearing from Sara as she shares her appreciation and hopes for the church—and for all of humanity—as a body of witness. Other points discussed: A response to a world in crisisHopes and fears of practicing a Christian faith in this worldSara’s journey to becoming who she is todayWomen in ministrySara’s take on corporate worshipAdvice to those who want to become an ally to the disenfranchisedLINKS: Click here to read Tesi’s blog post about what she feels about being Christian and finding a community of worship. All three of us love the podcast Another Round, check it out HERE. Here’s where Sara serves as a pastor. Obsess Sesh: A few things that Sara is loving right now: Wireless Bluetooth headphones that she can wear while moving about and listening to Hamilton!

Apr 20, 2016
On this Mama Bear Mini, our mid-week episode, we discuss a few quotes from a book we love called Nice Girls Don’t Change the World in our segment called “We read it, We loved it, Let’s discuss…” We also tackle an article about the power of community and female friendship that a Mama Bear Dares listener shared with us and that we just love. Today we dare listeners to think about the power of the friendship in their lives and challenge them to nurture these friendships, not just for the health and wellness benefits, but because we need our girlfriends and they need us. We ask that immaturity and pettiness be banished from getting in the way of relationships and that our listeners strive toward womanhood and yield the power held within: the power of clarity, wisdom, and experience. WE READ IT, WE LOVED IT, LET’S DISCUSS: The conversation at the center of Episode 14 is based from the following: Find Lynne Hybels book Nice Girls Don't Change the WorldHERE. Find the article from Uplift, WHY WOMEN NEED A TRIBE by Tanja Taljaard, HERE. Mama Bears, we’re online! Here’s where you can find us: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know what you’re thinking! And don’t forget about our online style consultation from fashion blogger Yasi Back! Just leave a comment on iTunes and you’ll be entered to win!
Apr 18, 2016
Yasi Back is an epidemiologist by day and style blogger by night. She is the woman behind Hello, Gorgeous, a hugely popular fashion blog that she has curated from her home home in Michigan for the last half decade. She opens up to Mama Bear Dares listeners on her love of fashion, her investment in her community, and the importance of honoring yourself and your priorities. She also offers solid advice to listeners about wearing what works for you and she makes an important announcement about her work. Yasi is such a pleasure! You can find here on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and, of course, on her blog. Here are a few of the highlights from our discussion with Yasi: The keys to personal styleBody acceptanceEver-evolving fashionStyle bloggers for the average cat, the working woman, and the mom who stays at homeDisordered eating and the power of writing as a healing mechanismBeyonceAnd...Yasi makes a big announcementOBSESS SESH: We love hearing what our guests are currently into. Here's Yasi's list: Books: Yasi has been reading The Summer Girls trilogy and recently finished The Pe
Apr 13, 2016
Last week we asked our Mama Bear Community what they think of when they hear the phrase “Mommy Guilt” and we received some great feedback that we share and respond to on Episode 14 of Mama Bear Dares. Mommy Guilt is a phrase that our culture is way too familiar with. But why? Leslie and Tesi tackle the topic today revealing their own experiences with Mommy Guilt and disclosing moments when they are plagued and moments when they refuse to let the feeling steal their joy. We also introduce a few new segments we think you can get down with: Reppin the MBC on the MBD and Things We Should Probably Feel Guilty About But Don’t. Segment 1: Reppin the MBC on the MBD! (In other words, Reppin the Mama Bear Community on Mama Bear Dares!) After discussing listener comments, we offer a bit of dialogue on how we’re trying to eradicate Mommy Guilt from our lives. Here are a few highlights: Make sure it’s guilt and not shame. There’s a difference!Let some things go. Evaluate what you’re feeling guilty about — is it worth it?Recognize that parenting is not a competitive sportPrioritize the enjoyment of the parenting experience NOT the enjoyment of your childSet aside specific time just for the familySegment 2: Things we should probably feel guilty about, but don’t! Leslie and Tesi bare their soul in a nod to the fact that no one is perfect! This begs for listener feedback: Do tell! What do you do that you DON’T feel guilty about? We mention the following on the podcast: Whether you’re in sub-saharan Africa or the middle of Michigan, you might need this: Instant Immersion Portable Heater Read all of Brene Brown’s books. Do it. (She researches shame and gui
Apr 11, 2016
On this episode of Mama Bear Dares, Leslie and Tesi talk to the lovely Sarah Wenger about the female body. Sarah, mom to three with a fourth on the way, opens up to us from her home in Colorado about her career as a model and about what it was like growing up in a family and community where no one else looked quite like her. Together, we dig into body image, the power of our physical selves, and aging gracefully. Listeners will love hearing about Sarah’s journey of self acceptance, will relate to her strong need for community, and will be fascinated by Sarah’s insights into not just the fashion industry, but the ways in which our physical shapes impact our daily lives. Mama Bears, we know just how hard it can be to be a woman in our culture. The expectations on our physical bodies, the objectification, and the pressures of aging in a culture that often does not value aging—specifically for women. We want to hear from YOU. What is it like being a woman for you? We aim to do a mid-week Mama Bear Mini on this subject and want to include some of your thoughts. Hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on our email ( and tell us your story. We want to hear from you! LINKS: Find more of Sarah on the Colorado Springs Moms Blog! Hey! We’re online. Here’s where you can find us: Follow us on Facebook,
Apr 6, 2016

On this podcast we dig into a variety of topics on our Mama Bear Mini mid-week episode! We talk about our current favorite things, we offer some tips about nutrition and how to keep your family healthy over allergy season, and we discuss a pretty great article about raising daring girls. We also get down to the business of bravery and we try some new music for your listening pleasure. Don't forget to respond to this episode with your own tips, tricks, and interests du jour on any of our social media channels. We love hearing from you! Have a great week Mama Bears! LINKS:OBSESS SESH: Check out Tesi’s endorsement of Yeti HERE. Leslie is loving Rob Bell’s new book, HOW TO BE HERE. Tesi got a fab new raincoat! LET’S TALK ABOUT HEALTH, BABY: Who doesn't love the Neti Pot ? WE READ IT, WE LOVED IT, LET’S DISCUSS: 10 Ways to Raise Brave Girls, by Katie Arnold, Outside Magazine The Gutsy Girl: Escapades for Your Life of Epic Adventure, by Caroline Paul Article by Caroline Paul in the NYTimes:

Apr 4, 2016

What kind of woman says “yes” to becoming a foster care parent? What kind of woman says “yes” to adopting a child with known special needs? What kind of woman says "yes" to laughter, love, and generosity over and over again? Today we interview Jennie Peakin, a woman whose steady “yes” has changed her life in profound ways. A photographer by trade, we have a fascinating conversation with Jennie about art, photography, the miracle of making a family—by both birth and adoption—and experiencing it all from both behind a lens and up close and personal. Jennie shares her story as a woman, mother, and artist and we love her candor. Listen in and be inspired by her honesty, learn from her bravery, and delight in her authenticity. Follow Jennie’s lead and be open to the world. And then let us know...where does your “yes” take you? LINKS: Jennie’s photography: WEBFacebook Jennie’s wedding photography: WEBFacebook Jennie on Pinterest On Episode 10 we talk about fostering and adoption. Here are a few great websites with more information: Foster care in Iowa: Iowa Kids Net Domestic Adoption: Adopt US Kids Jennie and Leslie will be traveling to to Tanzania on a storytelling mission with Empower Tanzania. Hey! Mama Bear Dares is online! Here’s where you can find us: Follow us on Facebook

Apr 1, 2016
We’ve made a lot of mistakes on this podcast. But we’ve also had a lot of fun! Listen in as we get real about the MBD process. We share our bloopers, funny moments, and what we've learned—all the while challenging Mama Bears to expand their comfort zone and act a fool! We’re online. Here’s where you can find us! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and let us know what you’re thinking! Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes. We are having so much podcasting and really appreciate you listening!!